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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Unmasking Dex the leader of Pranknet

pranknet leader Dex | Tariq MalikTariq Malik, the 25-year-old founder and leader of Pranknet also known online as "Dex", is a sociopath, a mean-spirited sadist who spews a barrage of racial epithets, vulgarities, and threats, and clearly enjoys the panic, fear, and damage he causes with his stupid stuff pranks ideas.

He and his followers place their shocking pranks call via Skype, confident that the Internet phone service sufficiently cloaks their identities and whereabouts. His frauds and sinister manipulations resulted in millions of dollars in damages to hotel rooms, lobbies and assorted fast food restaurants.

On July 21, a pair of TSG reporters went to 1637 Assumption Street in Windsor, where he lives in the ground-floor 'B' apartment. The notorious internet tough guy, who has gleefully used the telephone to cause all kinds of havoc, came up with a plan and decided to call 911 to report "suspicious persons" outside his home. It was a move that would have chagrined his devoted followers which they knew "Dex" as a bombastic, sharp-tongued cop hater.

He had been found and as a result, was barricaded in Pranknet World Headquarters with his mom, while two reporters loitered outside his window. According to Windsor Police Service records, Malik asked not to be contacted by officers when they arrived at the Assumption Street address. Despite that request, Fouzia Malik, 51, eventually allowed a pair of Windsor patrolmen to enter the family's $600-a-month apartment. The officers spent about 30 minutes conferring with Tariq before emerging to report that he did not wish to speak with reporters. It will likely not be the last time law enforcement finds itself inside Tariq Malik's bedroom.



Anonymous said...

Dex is a freakin Rock Star....Go Dex...keep the drive alive buddy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dex is a fucking idiot. The real world came knocking now he will face the consequences. Dex-node is a smart guy and very quick witted and has a radio voice, and a face for radio. he should get into radio

Anonymous said...

this fuckin faggot needs to goto prision for being a total deusche bag maybe he can see how funny he thinks he is when hes not living with his mother.

Anonymous said...

This guy deserves a good assrape in a federal prison.

Anonymous said...

This dbag is a prime example of the kind of cowardly cunts that the internet has bred. He feels powerful sitting behind his computer in anonymity (in his mom's basement) and exerts control over people in order to make himself feel better about his incredibly pathetic life.

Shit like this lives in fantasy, they cannot deal with real life. They are afraid of real life because in the real world he's a loser with nothing to offer. Thus, the internet is their world.

Anonymous said...

Dex lives in a hovel with his Mom. What an incredible LO-O-O-O-OSER.

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