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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Practical jokes are funny and hurtful

pranks ideas maybe funny and hurtfulPractical jokes are cruel excuses for jokes. They are careless jokes made for fun at the expense of others. If you happen to be the joker then you got the best seat in the house. The joker practically has the free VIP box section seat to the best show of the year, watching someone else's humiliation.

It's like being a secret agent when someone is planning a stupid stuff pranks ideas. All seems well when they're around their victim. Then when the time is right, it all falls into place perfectly. After they have succeeded on their mission, they will return to headquarters and celebrate their victory.

Although practical jokes are funny, they can also cross the line and go too far. Maybe for the joker it all seems fine but for the target of the joke, sometimes they may be very hurtful. If you happen to be the person being messed and joked with, then you have the worst seat in the house.

When someone is going to be pranked they don't see a thing coming. Whatever seat we're in we all must know when a joke's not funny. We must make sure we don't take it to far no matter how funny we think it may be.



Alana said...

Jokes arent funny sometimes but very hurtful, People can get hurt emotionally, Like take this for example, People dont like being called certain names, Like party pooper, Someone called someone a party pooper once and it hurt their feelings, its sad, but thats the kind of world we live in!!!!!!!!

Really Funny Jokes said...

Joke are funny. But it is true. They can go south.

JD said...

I agree that a prank should not be harmful.

If you're good with building things, a mongoose box prank is a good one.

This is a cage box that throws a piece of fur at your victim who thinks it's a wild animal.

When it's over, they laugh and want to try it on someone else.

You can search for plans online.

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