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Monday, August 31, 2009

Archie comics risky new concept

archie the proposal | pranks ideasArchie Comic Publications, a purveyor of the greatest Go-Along-To-Get-Along milieu in American comics, is said to release their 600th issue "Archie Marries Veronica: The Proposal" with an entirely blunder concept that could mess up the company. The story won't be a regular story of Archie Andrews and his pals live out their days on the little town of Riverdale. It would take place five years from now, in which Archie marries Veronica Lodge and spurns the good-natured, down-to-earth Betty Cooper.

Veronica and Archie are better off dating in high school than spending the rest of their lives together. Veronica would be much better off going to college and marrying an attorney or investment-banker in training, while Archie would be lucky to find a woman who will be content with what will likely be a hodgepodge of mid-tier salaried jobs and a couple of vacations in Florida.

A big factor why "Archie" has lasted on the industry, mainly because there are a lot of parents that encourage their kids to buy Archie books. It's just because they do know what they are getting from "Archie". All funny tales about teens and their crazy mishaps. Just innocent hijinks, practical jokes and pranks ideas. Marriage means having to get a job and worry about money not a fun thing for a reader who can barely figure out where his allowance is coming from.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Having Fun with your Kids on Halloween Trick or Treat

halloween pumpkin pranks ideasHalloween is coming, people feels the need to buy Halloween tricks, gag gifts and prank ideas. Kids are excited and ready to scare the hell out of their neighbors or get a treat instead. The older ones are thinking if they can still join the fun, more than just giving treats to little boys and girls. Definitely, Halloween would be nothing if there are no Halloween pranks and tricks. The very day is more frightening when nothing is making you busy, when you are boxed inside your house doing nothing.

Aside from April Fool's Day, Halloween night is the best time to play pranks on your kids, the perfect time to bond with your family. Indulge all the member in a horror movie marathon and give a consequence to those who got frightened by the film. You can also take them to a ghost tour or a home costume party.

When the streets are dark, you can hide behind the trees, and surprise them with the Halloween tricks that you prepared. Of all the people, they won't be expecting their own parents playing a prank on them. You can play dead to scare the hell out of them. And you can also pretend like a trespasser looting your own home. The children will be out for hours to play trick or treat in the neighborhood. Before you go out to watch them, you can plant your own funny pranks ideas inside the house, and make it work once you all arrive.

Act as if you are of their age. Loosen yourself from your childhood frustrations and giggle and stumble like you are only a grade school kid. Do things that he/she never thought you would do. Wear scary costumes. Dress like a scare crow or imitate some characters on your favorite horror movie. Buy glow in the dark Dracula fangs and stand from a dark corner. Call their names with a voice like Frankensteins' or other monsters. They will be startled by that prank even if they know that its a prank holiday. If you prefer just cooking in the kitchen, put a twist on your common Halloween dish, garnish them with spider or worm shape vegetables to make the food more chic.

Halloween day will be very fun if it is spend with your family. And there is more fun if the kids stayed safe until they are lying on the bed. While they are doing their trick or treat activity, you should stand by them to prevent accidents. We'll never know, there could be persons that intends to hurt or poison kids. Let them be visible on dark areas by putting glow in the dark tapes or necklace on their black costumes. Even better provide them with a flashlight to prevent them from getting tripped or being ran over by vehicles. Watch your kids and make them stay safe, failing to do so is the most horrible trick.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Teens fake abductions led to a 911 call

911 call of fake teen abduction pranks ideasA group of four 17-year-old teenage boys were reported to 911 by frantic neighbors on Northland, Kansas City, Mo. Monday afternoon. They reported that they saw a group in masks , pushed a teenager into a trunk at gunpoint. Capt. Rich Lockhart with Kansas City Police were chasing them all over the Northland for a half hour because people were flood calling 911 in belief that something bad had happened to somebody.

But when the cops caught up with the apparent bad guys, they let them go. It turns out that the group were just goofing around and trying to pull off a stupid stuff pranks ideas. The four teens had a clown mask, gorilla suit, and air pistol and were pretending to abduct each other. With a cell phone camera they planned to place the video online for possibly a movie-making dream.

It was sheer panic for anyone not in the know. One mom saw the ending near Shoal Creek Elementary. No arrests were made and police said the boys weren't doing anything illegal, but their parents were called. I don't even know why kids would even think to do that, I guess to be funny, to get on YouTube," Cannon said. And if nothing else, an official warning to not try this at home


Bored prankster led to mailbox stealing arrest

mailbox pranks ideasAlthough mailboxes are mainly used for delivering and placing private personal mails to every mailbox owner. Nicholas Charges Jennrich, a 26-year-old Cottage Grove man, decided to steal mail out of mailboxes in his neighborhood earlier this Month. He thought of it as a fun way of wasting his time due to pure sheer boredom.

According to police, the man was spotting riding a bicycle along Jeffrey Avenue South shortly before 6:30 a.m. on Aug. 8 in Cottage Grove. When he noticed the police, he tried to flee as mail flew out of his pockets. When police asked him why he had other people's mail, he said he was locked out of his house and got "bored".

The man faces mail theft and fleeing a peace officer charges. He could spend six years in prison and pay an $11,000 fine for his boredom stupid stuff pranks ideas.


Prankster warned for serious offense on smart car vandalism

smart car pranks ideaSmart cars are very popular to commuters because of it's superior gas mileage and cute look that weighs about 725 kilograms. What gains attention to their business is the vehicle's unique look, that makes customers shell out a loaded model for up to $20,000. Evidently, that attention also brought the vehicle as the main target for shocking pranks vandals.

Media reports swarmed the internet of photos and videos of people using brute strength and long poles to tip the small smart cars. Windows, exterior mirrors and panelling of the cars were damaged, amused bystanders posed with the flipped car and snapped photos with their cellphone cameras. Outraged owners have vented their anger on blogs. One Alberta owner of a so-called "Smartie" was so furious, that he posted photos on the Internet and offered a reward of $1,000 for information leading to an arrest.

Ken Lust, sales manager of Smart car at David Morris Fine Cars, who also was a victim of a bad car prank three years ago, says goofing around with it isn't a harmless prank but rather a brazen act of property damage. The sales manager spent several hundred dollars repairing smashed windows and a bent gas cap. No one was ever arrested. Lust believes it was the work of several fellows who probably had too much to drink that night.

Some may think tipping over cars and shattered glass car pranks idea are harmless fun, but under the Criminal Code of Canada, mischief is a potentially serious offense, said Sanjeev Anand, a law professor at the University of Alberta. A conviction carries a variety of potential punishments, including a maximum sentence of between two and 10 years in jail, although such sentences are rare, the law professor said.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Alumni pranksters thought as burglars by their former school

tv burglar | pranks ideasTwo 18 year olds, Alexander Neely of Pine Street, the son of Emmaus Borough Manager Craig Neely, and Samuel Murphy of Spruce Street were caught by the police late Monday night. The two, whom were both graduates of the school, were initially reported as burglars when school maintenance workers on a break noticed the teens on top of the school roof at around 11:30 p.m.

The television was placed at a borough curb for trash pickup, and the teens picked it up and took it to the school. One of them climbed a fence and scaled a wall to get up onto the roof with the intention of lifting a 20-inch TV set to the roof using the rope. They thought the two alumni were trying to steal a television, to their surprise it was just a shocking pranks that they're trying to pull off to their former school. Thinking that it would be funny for the passers-by to see a tv set on top of the school roof.

The result of the prank attempt incident prompted a response from at least 10 officers from three towns to the school at 500 Macungie Ave. The alleged pranksters were caught in the act. Evidently, both teens admitted their roles in the prank were and cited for defiant trespass due to their stupid stuff pranks ideas.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Hills' Audrina on her way to the big screen

audrina partridge in sorority rowAudrina Partridge, known as part of the still running for three years reality hit show "The Hills", proves to everyone that she too could act for real while playing a character other than herself in "The Hills". She didn't went to any audition to get the part. Instead, she received the script from the producers and it happened.

In SORORITY ROW, Partridge plays Megan, a feisty and sort of the sassy member in a group sorority girls. In the story her character boyfriend Garrett cheated on her, so naturally all the sorority girls wanted to get back on him. Because in the sorority row, if a member was cheated on, all the sisters of the sorority also got cheated on. So they decide to play some pranks ideas on an unsuspecting friend. Naturally, the pranks they tried to pull off went fatally wrong.

Even if she's still filming "The Hills" up to end of December for it's fourth season, she'd still go back and forth to shoot for the "Sorority Row". Since her involvement in this movie might affect her real life role in the reality show, the producers decided not to bring or show that part of her life in "The Hills". She said it's hard for her not to share it with the fans and bring them along her Hollywood journey, which is the main reason for her to move to LA since acting was her long passion and love in the first place.


PGA 2002 champ Rich Beem pulls a car prank

Rich Beem | harmless car prankMost interesting story on Tuesday at the PGA goes to the prank tale told by Rich Beem, 2002 PGA champion at Hazeltine. After Beem won the championship, Hazeltine made him an honorary member. A year after, Beem and friends at El Paso Country Club played home-and-home matches against several Hazeltine members.

During the match in Texas, Beem played a funny stuff practical jokes on a Hazeltine member he knows only as "Virgil". The one of the few harmless car pranks began after Virgil and a friend parked their car in front of Beem's house. Knowing Virgil left the keys in the car, Beem arranged for a neighbor to take the car and park it down the street in a garage.

When Virgil mentioned he left the keys in the car, Beem let loose. "Are you stupid? Dude, your car's halfway to Mexico right now. I'm sorry, but it's in a chop shop. You've got no car." Virgil looked outside. No car.

"He friggin' lost it," Beem said, laughing. "He thought his car was in the middle of Mexico in a chop shop. He was panicking. I made him sweat for half an hour and I said, 'Dude, it's across the street in my buddy's garage.' It was pretty funny."


Teens arrested for egg throwing assault

egg assaults | pranks ideasLocal youths, Brendan Johnson, 18, Brendan O'Neil, John O'Brien, Nicholas Romaine, Lauren Daly, all 17 and a 16-year-old were arrested for for throwing eggs at people the night of Aug. 4. The teens were caught doing the shocking pranks to a driver and pedestrians passing by. The teenagers probably didn't mean to do any harm, but still not a laughing matter for Walpole police, so they arrested the six who hurled them at passersby.

The impact of the eggs, thrown from a moving Toyota Highlander SUV raised welts on a jogging woman's arm on Washington Street that was also pelted with eggs at around 8:30 p.m. according to police. The jogger and the driver, who wished to press charges, said they didn't know what the hurled object was until each found the cracked shells. Shortly after, a second person called the police to report eggs had been thrown through the open window of her car.

The woman told the eggs hit the headrest of her children's car seat where one of her infants had been sitting just minutes before. She momentarily lost control of her vehicle but was more upset that one of her 7-month-old twins would have likely been hurt if they were still in the car. There was also a report of three walkers on Diamond Street being hit with eggs.

Sgt. John Carmichael spotted the truck at the intersection of Stone and School streets. Officers contacted their parents. Deputy Chief Scott Bushway wouldn't categorize it as a prank and that throwing eggs at a person is an act of stupid stuff pranks ideas. The police categorized the eggs as dangerous weapons because of the marks they made.

Mila Kunis gets sick of the Ashton Kutcher questions

mila kunis | that 70's showMila Kunis, now 25, got shot to fame playing as Ashton Kutcher's girlfriend "Jackie" on the hit TV series "That '70s Show". At the time of the audition for the role, all people auditioning were required to be at least 18 years old. So Kunis who was actually 14 at that time, told the casting staff that she was going to be 18 "one her birthday".

She was able to continue in the role despite having misled the directors. Despite her age, she had been considered the best fit for the character and was thought to have been creative in her way of gaining the audition. She has been nominated seven times for a Teen Choice Award for playing that role, but sadly never won.

The show got wrapped up in 2006. Since then, she hasn't worked in years with Ashton, the well known actor that loves to pull off hilarious jokes and pranks ideas to anyone. Though its been a long time since she played "Jackie", she admits that she still regularly has to answer questions about the actor. She just winces whenever an interviewer asks her about her former "That '70s Show" co-star Ashton Kutcher.

She says, "Yesterday, a woman asked me, 'So! Was Ashton a prankster on set?' I went, 'Oh my God. For real?' That's when I know the interview's going sour when they ask me what it was like kissing the known prankster and famous actor, Kutcher. She point out that the show's been off the air for four years now and it's just no longer cute or funny stuff to talk about anymore.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cricket sport fanaticism taken too far

4th ashen test | pranks ideasIn the early hours of the first day of this vital clash that ended with Australia convincing winners on the pitch at the 4th Ashes Test Cricket 2009 season. England collapsed to be all out for 102 in the face of some improved Australian bowling, with more than the occasional tired-looking shot being played.

A member of a supporters group calling itself 'The Fantatics' carried out an act of sporting terrorism, he pulled off a shocking prank by setting off the fire alarm at the England team's hotel. Resulting for the whole team to be forced out into the Leeds 4am at night. While fire fighters checked the hotel for the source of the alarm. They were allowed back into their rooms after a good 20 minutes had passed.

The web site 'The Fantatics', established in 1997, have a history of making gooses of themselves on the world stage. As recently as this year's Wimbledon tournament organizers were appalled by their over-the-top antics. 'The Fanatics' have come out and admitted that members of the group were indeed responsible for the so-called pranks ideas.

Anything a bunch of yellow shirt wearing Australian tennis fans try to throw back at the Barmy Army would only pale into insignificance, which might go part of the way towards explaining this mindless escalation. Annoying as the Barmy Army can be, they don’t stoop to the kind of behavior displayed by 'The Fanatics'. They sing hard, they sing long, they drive you to the point of murder, but as far as I know they don’t go setting off fire alarms at hotels.


Taylor Swift Pulls off a Prank

taylor swift pranks ideasThe 19-year-old Country music star, Taylor Swift, has always been a fun-loving prankster. She showed it bysome fun at a show in Kansas City August 8 at the expense of her concert-mate, Keith Urban. The singer appeared on stage with her band dressed in full KISS costumes and makeup when Urban called them to help sing his hit, "Kiss A Girl."

Swift emerged dressed as KISS lead guitarist Ace Frehley with her band, some of whom were also dressed up as Hershey's Kisses. She played with Kieth Urban for the show on his "Escape Together World Tour".

Although he looked visibly amused as Swift and her band moved about the stage in platform boots and spandex body-suits. Urban didn't miss a beat of the song when he realized the hilarious jokes pranks ideas pulled off by Swift.

Swift posted a message to her Twitter page about the stunt right after the show, saying,
"Pranking is a must. How about rushing his stage during 'Kiss a Girl' dressed like this?
It went down." she wrote.


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

John Hughes' legacy of laughter

john hughes | hilarious jokes and pranks ideasJohn Hughes, a Michigan native, writer, producer and director of such films as "Uncle Buck", "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and "Home Alone", has passed away at the age of 59 becuase of heart attack. His films featured outrageous pranks, hilarious jokes, funny tees, stunts and highly imaginative hi-jinx, mostly involving children and teens pulling off wild escapades that bewildered their elders.

John Hughes is now most likely sharing laughs with one of his previous stars, the late John Candy, who preceded him also by heart attack in 1991, at the age of 43. Two brilliant men who gave much happiness to the world, to whom we owe gratitude for the hilarity they produced.

Both cases were perhaps afflicted by their diets and other lifestyle choices. It is known that in John Candy's case, his father also died at a young age of heart disease. It's truly ironic that, in both instances, someone who gave us such gifts that increase our own well-being fell victim to such ailments themselves.


Intent of phone pranks is to embarrass and humiliate

phone pranks ideasAn 18-year-old East Texas teenager is being accused of criminal mischief due to a stupid stuff pranks ideas and also speculated as a member of a notorious online group, whose members orchestrate and carry out malicious and destructive shocking pranks, then brag about what they've done.

A web site that specializes in uncovering misdeeds and wrongdoings using public records,, claims to have evidence that proves he was the person who convinced an employee of an Arby's in Baytown that caused nearly $4,600 in damage to the restaurant. The editor and founder of TSG, Bill Bastone, said he would stake his reputation that he's tracked down and identified the right man, still it's nothing but speculation.

The Lufkin police consider the accused teen as a "person of interest" in their investigation of a recent similar "prank" at a McDonald's restaurant, the man has yet to be charged with any crime. The phone prank in Lufkin resulted in the firing of an employee. We would hope that an employer would understand that the employee had been just as cruelly abused as their property.

The intent was not just to destroy property, but to embarrass and humiliate that could take years, if not a lifetime, to overcome. While it's difficult to imagine how anyone derives pleasure from causing another person pain, it's even more difficult to comprehend how anyone could perpetuate such an act and then boast about it. We hope Lufkin police will soon be able to track down the individual who deserves the credit.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Practical jokes are funny and hurtful

pranks ideas maybe funny and hurtfulPractical jokes are cruel excuses for jokes. They are careless jokes made for fun at the expense of others. If you happen to be the joker then you got the best seat in the house. The joker practically has the free VIP box section seat to the best show of the year, watching someone else's humiliation.

It's like being a secret agent when someone is planning a stupid stuff pranks ideas. All seems well when they're around their victim. Then when the time is right, it all falls into place perfectly. After they have succeeded on their mission, they will return to headquarters and celebrate their victory.

Although practical jokes are funny, they can also cross the line and go too far. Maybe for the joker it all seems fine but for the target of the joke, sometimes they may be very hurtful. If you happen to be the person being messed and joked with, then you have the worst seat in the house.

When someone is going to be pranked they don't see a thing coming. Whatever seat we're in we all must know when a joke's not funny. We must make sure we don't take it to far no matter how funny we think it may be.


Surprisingly sad Sandler sells

funny people movie | hilarious jokesDirector Judd Apatow seems to have found the necessary ingredients in order to have a successful film. His latest “Funny People” is more dramatic than Apatow’s previous movies. The movie even included a 20-year-old video footage of Adam Sandler making shocking pranks call when the two briefly lived together.

“Funny People” is a meeting of both worlds. George Simmons played by Adam Sandler is one of the biggest comedic stars in Hollywood and lives in a mansion on the beach, but he is alone, unhappy and dying. When George performs a last-minute stand-up gig, he meets Ira played by Seth Rogen, a comedic work-in-progress who has the balls to clown on the superstar.

George initially hires Ira to write jokes for him, but Ira soon becomes a confidant paid to hear George’s problems and talk him to sleep. Through their relationship, we see every side of George: a hopeless romantic who sleeps with random women, a jerk who gives the appearance of a nice guy but constantly belittles Ira, a phony trying to find meaning in his finite life.

For its comedic value, “Funny People” ambitiously tries to balance serious personal issues with raunchy laughs, which may seem like much, but the film would not work focusing on one or the other. Apatow understands that life is a bitch, but nothing cures the blues like a good anal hilarious jokes.


Unmasking Dex the leader of Pranknet

pranknet leader Dex | Tariq MalikTariq Malik, the 25-year-old founder and leader of Pranknet also known online as "Dex", is a sociopath, a mean-spirited sadist who spews a barrage of racial epithets, vulgarities, and threats, and clearly enjoys the panic, fear, and damage he causes with his stupid stuff pranks ideas.

He and his followers place their shocking pranks call via Skype, confident that the Internet phone service sufficiently cloaks their identities and whereabouts. His frauds and sinister manipulations resulted in millions of dollars in damages to hotel rooms, lobbies and assorted fast food restaurants.

On July 21, a pair of TSG reporters went to 1637 Assumption Street in Windsor, where he lives in the ground-floor 'B' apartment. The notorious internet tough guy, who has gleefully used the telephone to cause all kinds of havoc, came up with a plan and decided to call 911 to report "suspicious persons" outside his home. It was a move that would have chagrined his devoted followers which they knew "Dex" as a bombastic, sharp-tongued cop hater.

He had been found and as a result, was barricaded in Pranknet World Headquarters with his mom, while two reporters loitered outside his window. According to Windsor Police Service records, Malik asked not to be contacted by officers when they arrived at the Assumption Street address. Despite that request, Fouzia Malik, 51, eventually allowed a pair of Windsor patrolmen to enter the family's $600-a-month apartment. The officers spent about 30 minutes conferring with Tariq before emerging to report that he did not wish to speak with reporters. It will likely not be the last time law enforcement finds itself inside Tariq Malik's bedroom.


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Pranknet pranksters breaks out loose

pranknet | stupid stuff pranks ideasPrankNET, a group often imitated and deviously duplicated appears to be at the center of a growing shocking pranks trend that has harried hoteliers and restaurateurs for months and is now being investigated by the FBI. The head of PrankNET, who goes by the online name "dex" and has been behaving badly since 2000.

Members of PrankNET chat online, stream their calls live on an Internet radio show and post their greatest hits to a YouTube page, a popular breeding ground for more stupid stuff pranks ideas. During their calls they often drop the name of a security corporation or say they are phoning from a hotel's front desk to lend themselves an air of credibility and to get their victims to do surprising things.

The sheer difficulty of tracing prank calls placed online, and the social-networking programs used by pranksters, has increased their visibility and daring. A small community of prank callers have long enjoyed Dex's work, but some are growing concerned over his increasingly destructive ends.

Despite this string of incidents, an FBI official in Washington said the pranks do not represent a trend. The FBI's Internet Crime Complaint Center has received just one complaint stemming from the incidents. Cybersecurity experts say such attacks are dangerous and may be on the rise.


Ex-inmate for doing a prank turned life around

prankster learned lessonEdwin Faulkner, now 28, who had been a free man for about six months after spending nearly eight years in prison for a stupid stuff pranks ideas that destroyed two apartments and damaged a third when he was 18 years old.

It was during his time in prison that Faulkner decided turn his life around. In the fall of 2006, He enrolled at Alamance Community College as a graphics programmer. During last summer he spoke with the Times-News, He said he wanted people to know that he was not the same kid who did the dumb things that eventually landed him in jail in 1998. He now values education more than anything else and not life on the streets.

On July 17 he solidified his claimed goal by marching and receiving his diploma with high honors with an associate in science degree from Alamance Community College. He said his experience at ACC has prepared him for the next step by transferring to a four-year college to pursue a degree in computer science.


Monday, August 3, 2009

Defcon's hack proofing the hackers

hack proofing hackers pranks ideasThis year the Defcon organizers employed a top-down "dispatch" model similar to the one a taxi cab company might use. The Defcon's organizational topology made a small change allowing the event to go off without a hitch to avoid bizarre hacker pranks ideas this year.

Instead of using a matrix-like communication structure that let everybody have access to everyone else, Each group had their own communications system, and only the dispatch had access to all of them. That way, all they had to do was secure one node in the organizational tree and allow dispatch to pass messages from one channel to the other.

In years past, all 200-plus Defcon staff members ranging from security to telecommunications specialists to storage guys used the same system to communicate across the conference. As a result, Defcon attendees who found their way onto the security network could prank the entire staff.

Defcon's structural tweak is a lesson for anyone looking to streamline mass-communications in a secure way and prevent unwanted incidents.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Morristown deadly playground prank still searching blades

dangerous playground pranks ideasCleanup crews are still finding blades on the grounds five days after the Morristown shocking pranks ideas of a teen accused for placing blades on a school playground. Officials from Morristown Central School District and the village said maintenance crews have uncovered about five more razor blades since Monday by raking the grounds with metal detectors and magnetic sweepers.

Mr. Glover said the school will decide within the next few days whether to replace the gravel play-area surface where blades were found. Additional signs have gone up around the closed playground to help ensure children will not use the equipment before it is deemed safe.

David B. Mandigo, 19, of Morristown, was later charged by the Ogdensburg state police for being connected with the 14 year old dangerous prank attempt at about 4 p.m. Monday. He is charged for endangering the welfare of a child. Mr. Mandigo did not participate in placing the razors, but watched the incident and failed to notify police about it.

Police did not know the specific relationship between the two, and speculated the crime was a grisly attempt at stupid stuff pranks ideas. The State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation Investigator Jared W. Duffy said police were tipped off by a Morristown resident who claimed to have overheard Mr. Mandigo and the 14-year-old discussing the incident.


14-year-old affixed knife blades to playground

blades on playground pranks ideasA 14-year-old boy from Morristown whom the indentity wasn't revealed by the Morristown state police was arrested Sunday. He was arrested for allegedly attempting to pull off a stupid stuff pranks ideas by affixing more than 30 blades in the slide, steps, benches and tire swing in a school playground.

The blades were intentionally placed in such a manner as to cause injury, and they achieved that end when 19-year-old Julian Marcellus, of Rossie (west of Gouverneur), was injured by a blade that had been placed on the steps of a slide at the Morristown Central School playground, state police said.

An inquiry led police to charge the 14-year-old with one count to each second-degree assault, second-degree criminal nuisance and endangering the welfare of a child. They issued him an appearance ticket ordering him to appear before the St. Lawrence County Family Court.

This case is ongoing, and additional arrests are possible, police said.