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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Daniel Radcliffe claims he is done partying and pulling pranks

daniel radcliffe | stupid stuff pranksThe 20-year-old star Daniel Radcliffe claims he is too old for partying. In the past he used to play a lot of stupid stuff pranks and get involved with drinking or partying with the cast. Now, he no longer socializes with the rest of the ‘Harry Potter’ cast and crew because he wants to carve out a career as a respected, matured and serious actor.

He also blasted stars who are only interested in fame, insisting he hates the celebrity culture where people are celebrities as a by-product of what they do. He couldn’t care less about people reading every little thing about Peter Andre and Jordan. He said they don’t want to work, have no interests, no passions, nothing and yet they seem to be held up on pedestals. It does annoy him but can't do anything about it since his part of it.

Daniel’s serious attitude appears to be in contrast to his ‘Harry Potter’ co-star Rupert Grint. Rupert has been spotted at several UK music festivals this summer and makes no secret of his love of wild nights out. He recently said that when he's drunk, he likes to cause mischief. He steal props like the broomsticks from the 'Harry Potter' set and bring them out to the pub for comedy value. It seems funny at the time, trouble is he usually gets too trashed to remember what happened the next day.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Woman ticketed after alleged 'Jackass' prank

jackass pranks ideasA woman called Lincoln police Sgt. Todd Beam just before 7 p.m. Thursday evening to report a disturbing incident. The caller said she was waiting to turn south onto 40th Street when she saw a man who was bound and gagged to get out of a blue SUV run into the intersection, which got caught and pulled back into the SUV by another man heading east on Van Dorn street.

The witness gave police a description of the SUV and the license plate number. An officer contacted the registered owner, who said a 25 year old Karla K. Tallon, had the SUV. According to Sgt. Beam, Tallon denied knowing anything about the incident when police called her. Another officer ran different plate number combinations, in case they had the wrong number.

Later, officers went to talk to Tallon and eventually admitted to them that she and her passengers were re-enacting a scene from the TV series because they thought it would be funny pranks ideas. They tied a 19-year-old man's hands with speaker wire and put napkins in his mouth to simulate the prank, Beam said.

She was cited on suspicion of obstructing a government operation because the incident used up police resources for several hours. She was ticketed after allegedly re-enacting a prank from the TVshow "Jackass" which features people performing dangerous, crude, ridiculous and self-injuring stunts.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

VP booked for dirty harrasing former company

stupid stuff prank harrassmentDr SPS Grewal of Grewal Eye Institute in Sector 9 approached cyber cell of UT police to help track down a person sending him and his employees, including women, vulgar and objectionable SMSes and emails. Registering a case under Section 66A of Information and Technology Act police had immediately begun their chase within a month.

Cops on Thursday finally achieved some success after booking Khushwant Singh of Mohali, a former marketing vice-president of the eye center, for harassment. According to members of the institute, he quitted at the institute after which he began acting funny and doing stupid stuff sending a vulgar SMS to a woman administrative officer and some objectionable emails to Dr. Grewal.

The investigation lead to some shot off emails to other employees to defame Grewal and his women colleagues was also traced to a former woman worker whom happened to join the institute a few days ahead of Singh, but quit along with the accused dirty prankster. The institute initially suspected that it was just the work of a competitor, but to their surprise, it was a shocking prank pulled by their former V-P.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Billboard prank for college football coach Charlie Weis

coach charlie weis billboard prankCharlie Weis began his coaching career in 1979 at Boonton High School in New Jersey. He was named the 28th head football coach in Notre Dame history, agreeing to a six-year contract worth a reported $2 million per year.

Weis is the first Notre Dame graduate to hold the football head coaching position at his alma mater since Hugh Devore in 1934. His the first to serve as the Irish football coach on a full-fledged basis since Joe Kuharich in 1938.

Charlie thus far has taken it in stride stating "I'm the head coach at Notre Dame. I mean, welcome to my world." He knows there is a plenty of pressure to go around for a championship. But he should be used to that, since he was the offensive coach in Boston before heading to South Bend.

Like other typical NCAA Division I head football coach, he never played football at the college level. As he was preparing for his 5th year as Notre Dame football coach, someone decided it was time to give him a little extra "motivation" to have a winning year by pulling a prank in South Bend, Indiana. The still unknown prankster placed a hilarious jokes billboard message giving out best wishes and noting his 5th year of head coaching as an internship.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

AHS students face discipline for prank racist remarks

kkk stupid stuff pranks ideasA number of Anderson High students face discipline for a racial incident. The episode unfolded in the AHS parking lot as students were leaving school Thursday. A couple of students made inappropriate remarks of intentional inflammatory racial remarks shouting “white power”. At least one of them covered his head with a sheet fashioned like a Ku Klux Klan hood according to the Anderson Community Schools officials.

Based from the information received by school officials investigating the incident, the actions appeared to have resulted from a student dare. Some students knew that the racially charged incident was planned, though it’s unclear how many was involved. Anderson High School principal Pat Fassnacht said school officials have been contacting parents of students who were involved or who might have provoked the incident. He said a number of parents have been notified, though he declined to say how many.

On Friday morning, AHS increased police presence and metal detectors at the entrance. Reaction of the other Anderson students were credited by the principal since they took the incident as more of surprise and disbelief rather than get angry with the tightened security. The silly stupid stuff pranks ideas that turned into a serious prank will result in punishment ranging from suspension to possible expulsion according to ACS interim Superintendent Lennon Brown.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Allen Iverson joining Grizzlies, not a funny stuff situation

allen iverson not funny stuff situation One of the N.B.A.’s most prolific scorers, Free agent Allen Iverson, were ignored by most teams allowing the Memphis Grizzlies to sign the 34-year-old Iverson. The one-year $3 million deal allows Iverson to possibly jump-start a stalled career and re-enter free agency next summer after a disappointing season split between the Denver Nuggets and the Detroit Pistons.

The frustration of this is not an off-season funny stuff that led Iverson to call the coming season something personal. The Grizzlies at 24-58 in the standings, finished last season 29th of 30 N.B.A. teams in attendance, took the risk of Iverson’s infusion among a young core comprising O.J. Mayo, Rudy Gay and the second overall draft pick this year, Hasheem Thabeet.

By Thursday afternoon, the homepage of the Grizzlies’ Web site flashed a large picture of a smiling Iverson and a promotion for a season ticket coupled with an Iverson replica jersey. The thought of Iverson as the centerpiece in the franchise’s marketing scheme and not the playbook has crossed his mind.

Iverson and Zach Randolph will be two of the team’s veteran players and looked to assume new roles as mentors. In the past, both have been the subject of off-court issues. He will look to displace Mayo or Mike Conley the starting lineup. Iverson may get an early shot at redemption when the Grizzlies begin the season Oct. 28 against the Pistons.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mariner's recognition for team Pilots after 40 years

1969 Seattle Pilots | pulled pranks ideasIt was an incredible day that ended with recognition at the Seattle Mariners game. A couple hundred longtime baseball fans experienced the Pilots, Seattle's first Major League Baseball team during 1969, who fell victim to bankruptcy after playing just one season.

They sat before 13 members of the old franchise in a Hilton hotel conference room and chuckled for several hours during the team's 40-year reunion. After all this time, after all the bitterness over having the team for just one season, the appreciation of those trailblazing players remains.

They were a motley crew of players who either just wanted a shot to play in the big leagues or needed to prove they still could play at this level, went 64-98 their lone year at a Sick's Stadium that was literally being renovated as the fans filled into the game. They spent the year playing stupid stuff pranks ideas on each other and trying to figure out what to do whenever the water stopped working at the ballpark.

It's the kind of story that a novelist couldn't imagine, but for the Pilots, it's just one of many funny tales. It's hard to believe that so much camaraderie could come from such a short period. The Pilots were a one-season wonder, perhaps even a one-season fiasco. They weren't around long enough to be considered a one-hit wonder. But they made an impression. And they'll stay alive in "Ball Four," in the minds of fans and in a new documentary expected to be finished in October.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Favre joining Vikings may not be a stupid stuff idea

brett favre stupid stuff decisionMinnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress finally landed his man at quarterback, Brett Favre, a future Hall of Famer who now enters the NFL for his 19th season. The former QB star of the Green Bay Packers for the last 17 years would now join his long-time nemesis, the Vikings. After shaking off the rust in a few preseason appearances, he's ready to play on Sunday's 2009 NFL campaign season opener matchup against the host Cleveland Browns.

Teaming up with All-Pro running back Adrian Peterson, the reigning NFL rushing champion. Favre now have a stronger surrounding cast than he did under the New York Jets last season. It is the perfect situation for him, having Peterson to carry most of the offensive load, allowing him to limit the use of his aging arm. Though still reliable, the stamina for his throw that he had before during his prime years with the Packers had now faded.

After ending a three-year playoff drought last season that won them the NFC North Division crown since 2000, the Vikings enters the season pegged as a Super Bowl contender after the acquisition of Favre, coupled with the greatness of Peterson and a stellar defense led by two mammoth tackles and a fiery defensive end. The embattled head coach hopes that this year will be the one that keeps him employed.

The Vikings are banking on Favre to lead them to a second straight division title despite playing in an extremely competitive NFC North. With their rival Packers, whom despise their former starting QB for doing a stupid stuff by joining the Vikings, and Bears whom expected to make some noise with their gunslinging quarterbacks and Detroit whom just starting to go to a rebuilding process. Minnesota hopes of making it out of the first round of the playoffs.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Big Brother 10 Rodrigo upsets Lisa with a prank

Big Brother 10 | Rodrigo shocking prankBig Brother 10's Rodrigo has upset Lisa after playing a shocking prank on her. He waited outside the toilet door, and as soon as the door opened he shouted "Boo!" in Lisa's face.

As Rodrigo began laughing and giggling behind her. The shocked Lisa didn't find it funny. She began walking out into the garden and muttered that his lucky that she is inside the Big Brother house, otherwise things might have gone bad for him. Rodrigo skipped out to the other housemates but Lisa reiterated her displeasure.

Rodrigo carried on laughing unabashed, and sat down with the other housemates in the sunshine in the garden. He pleaded that it was just an intended funny tees hilarious joke. Lisa doesn't care if it was joke to him or not. She honestly told him that he needed to grow up.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Standup comic sued slander by her mother-in-law

Sunda Croonquist | stupid stuff hilarious jokesSunda Croonquist, a veteran stand-up comedian, is being sued by Ruth Zafrin, her mother-in-law. Her usual comic routine relied heavily on the mockery of her family. Typically using cultural references from her half-black, half-Swedish, Catholic-educated background. With frequent imitations of her mother-in-law, the in-law has grown tired and taken offense to all the jokes made at her expense by Croonquist.

Ruth Zafrin, the mother-in-law, is now suing comedian Sunda Croonquist for making too many mother-in-law hilarious jokes. Ruth Zafrin, is Jewish, and says Croonquist is spreading hurtful lies with jokes like the one about her mother-in-law urging her to name her daughter Hadassah or Goldie something hard to pronounce, like Shaniquah.

Though defamation and slander still hurt even when committed by a comic on stage, a joke is still just a joke. Sunda Croonquist has been making them for years like the one about how her mother-in-law, the day she met, welcomed Croonquist into her home. But Soonquist can't be having fun joking about the in-laws any more, maybe it's time for some new material.

Since the lawsuit was filed, Croonquist has bounced back and forth between anger and humor. She’s angry the action has estranged her husband and their two daughters from his family, noting bitterly, “This could have broken up my marriage.” Being a regular in the comedy scene, Croonquist has somehow found a silver lining and the lawsuit had sparked in her more jokes about herself and that of her mother-in-law.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

10 things to know about TNA

tna | pranks ideas1. Samoa Joe, one of the top wrestlers in TNA, gave an interview to Penthouse magazine where he talked about pranks ideas that wrestlers play on one another during backstage. When asked if he’d ever had a prank played on him, he responded.

2. Alex Shelley is Chris Jericho. NO! Don’t dispute this, don’t talk about his attitude backstage. I don’t care. Alex Shelley can cut an effortless promo and wrestle. That is very rare. He is your Chris Jericho and gets pushed into the main event. I don’t particularly care what happens to Chris Sabin.

3. Samoa Joe is your Stone Cold. Or was. I don’t know if you can build him up after what you did to him, but he should have been and should be the focal point of your company. Give him a make up white, get that silly tattoo off his face and let him go back to making your company money.

4. James Storm, Robert Roode or Hernandez should be world champion now. The hardcore fans who follow your product have associated all of your world champions with another company. Only AJ Styles and Abyss were creations of TNA, and Abyss won the world title on a fluke. You need to create your own history using your own stars, and having wrestlers be the representative for the company who don’t suck that we associate with being TNA originals is essential.

5. No more D-List celebrities seriously harms the TNA.

6. Matt Morgan is not great at cutting a promo. He is not too impressive in the ring. He is booked to look like a moron, which he probably is in real life. Why would you reward him with a main event push? What kind of message does that send to the other wrestlers? I bet he’s a real sweetheart backstage who tries very hard. You need to reward people on talent in the ring and on the microphone.

7. Recognize opportunities to make history. If Kevin Nash or Booker T become a world champion, you can say you have the only person to hold a world title in WCW, WWE and TNA. I don’t know why you would have either of these wrestlers and not want to create history.

8. I understand that they’re afraid Kurt Angle will leave TNA, if they take away the title off from him, if you don’t do everything to support him now that your star will go to Japan or quit the business. The shell of Kurt Angle is not worth the ghosts.

9. Don’t be afraid to let everyone drop a catchphrase. Wrestling isn’t art. It’s there to make money. People with catchphrases will make far more money than people without them. WWE has been getting away from this, it’s time for you to pick it up and run with it. This, more than any other point here, will take you to the next level.

10. Finally, have fun with it! You have a lot of young great wrestlers. You have most of the best women’s wrestlers in the world. You have a solid core of veterans, a few home grown stars and a lot of tag teams. There is no reason your show should be unwatchable.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Forest Park’s Nate Brown stands out

nate brown | pranksNate Brown, unlike many of his teammates, has been with the varsity club of Forest Park football team for the last four years. It’s not just his tenure that sets him apart, but his temperament on the field and in the huddle.

Between funny pranks and hilarious jokes pulled on teammates, he led the Bruins with 81.5 tackles in 2008, including 19 that resulted in negative yardage for the opposition. Brown has made a name for himself on the defensive side of the ball as an all-district linebacker.

The rest of the guys look up to him since he's the heart of the defense and understands what they’re doing scheme-wise. Being part of the development of their school program helped him know what to expect and tries to help the young guys on the squad prepare.

Brown has been doing some preparing of his own this preseason, learning a new position as running back or half back in addition to his customary role at linebacker. Coach Chandler of Forest Park football team, knowing Brown has the best hands on the team, wanted to get more use out of his athletic tackle-machine and decided to try him as a running back this year. Brown always wanted to be on the offensive side of the play where he's the one going to take the hit and not other way around which he is well known for.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Degeneration X overshadows young stars

wwe degeneration x pranks ideasSince 2006, after the DX seemed to go extinct era, WWE got a whole new turned over audience. All of those new kids and families had not seen the "PG-version" of DX. The old era of mocking good ol' Vinnie Mac serments. They happened not to experience the the stupid stuff hilarious jokes, the joys filled with laughter, the shocking pranks ideas regularly pulled off, the humiliation of McMahon, and the other elements of Degeneration X which made wrestling programming reach the highest points of their ratings ever.

So with this 2009 re-emergence of DX, WWE is back on their usual heavyweight prime time rating status. While it's doing great for the mass number of fans, it holds the sense of urgency to build up any new stars since DX is holding up the show. Though it was just doing fine for the majority audience, there are some fans that made a big deal out of it. Mostly non-DX fans and fans that weren't fans yet during the prime of DX uprise. They want WWE to still focuse on other younger stars that they idolize which deserves more constant, consistent, and focused TV exposure to build up their character.

But since the WWE runs the show in cruise control. They let DX fill up as much TV time as possible. It's not their problem as long as they get results, either the fans hated or loved the idea of it. Either way, both haters and lovers are still considered one audience. So far the it's doing wonders for them since the Youth Movement came to a screeching and procrastinating halt. After all it's also how WWE arrived at this "crisis point" to begin with.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Old man got stuck on cubicle due to sick prank

stupid stuff pranks ideasA 57-year-old man, who only moved to Cairns seven weeks ago, had been a victim of a cruel toilet stupid stuff pranks ideas at Cairns Central shopping Center. The man said he visited Cairns Central regularly for a coffee every morning. But he didn't expect that he would experience the most humiliating situation of his life going there.

On his last visit, he had been in a rush to get to the toilet because of the food he had eaten the day before. Apparently, unaware and unlucky he happened to seat on the cubicle where some pranksters placed some strong adhesive glue. The man became stuck to the seat where he yelled out to another toilet user to raise the alarm. He had to be rescued from the toilet by emergency services and was taken to Cairns Base Hospital where he spent about 90 minutes as the seat was removed using industrial strength solvents.

Meanwhile, Cairns Regional Council community safety committee chair Di Forsyth hit out at the offenders and called for members of the public to help identify them. The council was disgusted that a gentleman has had to go through that because someone thinks it's funny, which indeed is a sick joke. It's it's quite a dangerous prank that could lead for some of the community to be outraged on it.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Virginia Crisis Link Hotline prank triggers police response

teenage phone call pranks ideasPolice reported receiving a call from a Virginia Crisis Link Hotline operator who reported an adolescent male caller “stated that he was tired of his parents abusing him and that he was going to take his father’s shotgun and shoot them.” Saturday, Aug. 15 at 3:31 p.m. The hotline was able to trace the cell phone number to Winchester and provide police with the address of its owner.

Three officers responded and searched the home, they found a black air soft gun resembling an MP-5 in the teenager’s room, which they seized and held for safekeeping. They said they asked her whether her son was home, to which she replied that he was at the boat club with her husband.

Police reported they found her son a 13-year-old boy along with another 13-year-old friend and his 11-year-old brother at the boat club. The boys admitted to making the phone call “and all of them were extremely apologetic.

All three Winchester teenager who called the Virginia Crisis Link Hotline were advised on the seriousness of the call and how the prank call was not funny pranks at all. They were just issued with a stern warning, but no charges according to the police report.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Norman North HS first day glued door prank

sticky glued door pranks ideasNorman North High School had a sticky situation during their first day of class. After arriving at campus, the school's staff realized that someone put glue into a number of locks on the outside doors. They think it happened when people were on campus for an orientation session Wednesday night.

Robert Carbajal, a Sophomore at Norman North HS said, "I heard about it from a couple of friends of mine, and it was going around. I thought it was pretty funny at first because the doors glued shut, nobody can get in or get out so."

The Norman Public Schools Superintendent said the stupid stuff prank didn't cause any disruption to the school day and the incident was just an "inconvenience". At least 3 doors were glued shut and maintenance crews spent the morning cleaning the locks. It may have happened after people were on campus Wednesday night for an orientation. Students say it was a funny joke.

The district is reviewing surveillance tapes to see if they can identify who was involved, said Roger Brown, assistant superintendent.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Buy Insult a Day Desk 2009 Calendar

Insult-a-Day 2009 CalendarAre you getting tired of how badly your Boss is treating you? Want to buy office humor and pranks ideas for your boss? Insult-a-Day 2009 Calendar is the perfect gift.

As unrelenting as it is unapologetic it delivers the kinds of atypical aphorisms you wish you had said to your rude boss. Featuring humorous insults, jabs, and jeers from well-known comedians, films, and television shows, this calendar will have you chuckling guiltily.