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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Norman North HS first day glued door prank

sticky glued door pranks ideasNorman North High School had a sticky situation during their first day of class. After arriving at campus, the school's staff realized that someone put glue into a number of locks on the outside doors. They think it happened when people were on campus for an orientation session Wednesday night.

Robert Carbajal, a Sophomore at Norman North HS said, "I heard about it from a couple of friends of mine, and it was going around. I thought it was pretty funny at first because the doors glued shut, nobody can get in or get out so."

The Norman Public Schools Superintendent said the stupid stuff prank didn't cause any disruption to the school day and the incident was just an "inconvenience". At least 3 doors were glued shut and maintenance crews spent the morning cleaning the locks. It may have happened after people were on campus Wednesday night for an orientation. Students say it was a funny joke.

The district is reviewing surveillance tapes to see if they can identify who was involved, said Roger Brown, assistant superintendent.



Anonymous said...

How do you know the best prank phone callers of all time ? They turn tables on inbound telemarketers.

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