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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Big Brother 10 Rodrigo upsets Lisa with a prank

Big Brother 10 | Rodrigo shocking prankBig Brother 10's Rodrigo has upset Lisa after playing a shocking prank on her. He waited outside the toilet door, and as soon as the door opened he shouted "Boo!" in Lisa's face.

As Rodrigo began laughing and giggling behind her. The shocked Lisa didn't find it funny. She began walking out into the garden and muttered that his lucky that she is inside the Big Brother house, otherwise things might have gone bad for him. Rodrigo skipped out to the other housemates but Lisa reiterated her displeasure.

Rodrigo carried on laughing unabashed, and sat down with the other housemates in the sunshine in the garden. He pleaded that it was just an intended funny tees hilarious joke. Lisa doesn't care if it was joke to him or not. She honestly told him that he needed to grow up.



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