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Monday, September 7, 2009

Degeneration X overshadows young stars

wwe degeneration x pranks ideasSince 2006, after the DX seemed to go extinct era, WWE got a whole new turned over audience. All of those new kids and families had not seen the "PG-version" of DX. The old era of mocking good ol' Vinnie Mac serments. They happened not to experience the the stupid stuff hilarious jokes, the joys filled with laughter, the shocking pranks ideas regularly pulled off, the humiliation of McMahon, and the other elements of Degeneration X which made wrestling programming reach the highest points of their ratings ever.

So with this 2009 re-emergence of DX, WWE is back on their usual heavyweight prime time rating status. While it's doing great for the mass number of fans, it holds the sense of urgency to build up any new stars since DX is holding up the show. Though it was just doing fine for the majority audience, there are some fans that made a big deal out of it. Mostly non-DX fans and fans that weren't fans yet during the prime of DX uprise. They want WWE to still focuse on other younger stars that they idolize which deserves more constant, consistent, and focused TV exposure to build up their character.

But since the WWE runs the show in cruise control. They let DX fill up as much TV time as possible. It's not their problem as long as they get results, either the fans hated or loved the idea of it. Either way, both haters and lovers are still considered one audience. So far the it's doing wonders for them since the Youth Movement came to a screeching and procrastinating halt. After all it's also how WWE arrived at this "crisis point" to begin with.



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