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Monday, September 21, 2009

Billboard prank for college football coach Charlie Weis

coach charlie weis billboard prankCharlie Weis began his coaching career in 1979 at Boonton High School in New Jersey. He was named the 28th head football coach in Notre Dame history, agreeing to a six-year contract worth a reported $2 million per year.

Weis is the first Notre Dame graduate to hold the football head coaching position at his alma mater since Hugh Devore in 1934. His the first to serve as the Irish football coach on a full-fledged basis since Joe Kuharich in 1938.

Charlie thus far has taken it in stride stating "I'm the head coach at Notre Dame. I mean, welcome to my world." He knows there is a plenty of pressure to go around for a championship. But he should be used to that, since he was the offensive coach in Boston before heading to South Bend.

Like other typical NCAA Division I head football coach, he never played football at the college level. As he was preparing for his 5th year as Notre Dame football coach, someone decided it was time to give him a little extra "motivation" to have a winning year by pulling a prank in South Bend, Indiana. The still unknown prankster placed a hilarious jokes billboard message giving out best wishes and noting his 5th year of head coaching as an internship.



rakeback said...

I have been a lifelong Notre Dame fan and its really disappointing to see how far they have dropped in recent years. They need to hire a top-tier coach and get this thing turned around. Weiss has had enough time to put his stamp on the program and aside from 1 good year they have been very mediocre.

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