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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fake mizzou web address leads to rival school web

fake mizzou web address prankOfficials in University of Missouri found out a website that uses their trademark nickname "Mizzou" in a web address last week. The website is thought of as a hilarious jokes pranks ideas which leads web visitors to the rival territory. The web address takes unaware users to the official University of Kansas Web site.

Christian Basi, University of Missouri Spokesman, said that they've already asked the individual who owns the site to change or remove the domain name, since it infringes University of Missouri trademark. A spokeswoman at Collegiate Licensing Co. confirmed that a letter has been sent, but could not disclose details since it’s against federal regulation to disclose information about mailboxes.

A search of the domain name leads to an “L. Jeffries” of 501 E. Nifong Blvd., Suite 311, in Columbia, a UPS Store location. It’s against federal regulation to disclose information about mailboxes, so owner John Kadlec could not verify whether the 311 mailbox exists. On forums, some have attempted to track down the site owner. Some have pointed to Owl Software, a Columbia business with a mailbox at the UPS store. Owner Ann Roland said there’s no connection between the site and her company, which writes software for the food industry.

KU just became aware of the fake address and is not responsible for it, spokeswoman Jill Jess said. But the university hasn’t taken steps to ask the owner to remove it. “We can’t control what the greater Jayhawk nation does on the Internet,” Jess said. “Sometimes they can get a bit overzealous.”


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pranksters fight against AT&T for blocking 4chan

blocked ip address | pranks ideasAT&T was reportedly charged for blocking broadband I.P. access to the notorious internet forum site 4chan where participants in the forum are well-known for issuing large-scale of stupid stuff pranks ideas for both online and offline. The charge were later on confirmed by the telecom company Monday.

Last October 2008, 4chan was traced as the source of a submitted hoax story about Apple's CEO Steve Jobs died on a heart attack to a CNN's user-generated news site iReport which
resulted for Apple Inc. stock price to fell significantly.

Recently, a similar hoax story surfaced on CNN's iReport site alleging that AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson had been "found dead in his multimillion dollar beachfront mansion" after a cocaine overdose. An idea that some thought as the reason behind AT&T's action against 4chan.

Michael Coe, an AT&T spokesman, e-mailed a statement that a denial-of-service attack was the reason for temporary block of 4chan traffic and that it has since been restored. This was to prevent attack from disrupting service for the impacted AT&T customer and the action was in no way related to the content of 4chan. Their focus was to protect their customers from malicious traffic.

Six people cited for injuring fishing line prank victim

matt sevy | fishing line prank vicitmMatt Sevy, a victim of a stupid stuff pranks ideas, was nearly decapitated after a group of people leaving near-by had set-up a fishing line on the trees across 2nd Street of Monroe Boulevard. He had just finished playing card games with his friends and was on his way home riding his motorcycle when he ran through it.

Sevy's friend, who was riding just behind him, was confronted by a man in dark clothes whom he saw was hiding in the trees after the incident. Sevy called the police and showed the gash scar on his throat that he received from the fishing line that was pulled so tight from the trees. By the time they arrived five other friends had come out of the house across the street

The people involved told police that the prank was not originally planned that way and a sheet was supposed to be placed on the fishing line so it would look like a ghost. They thought of it as great idea prank to scare people away and not to drive across the set-up fishing lines.

Citations for reckless endangerment were issued to the number of people living nearby by Ogden Police,a small price to pay for a stupid stuff pranks ideas in Sevy's eyes. Since the incident, Sevy's done research online and says the prank is more common than you think.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Three men arrested for stealing doughnuts

stolen doughnuts |prank ideasThree 20-year-old men, Josh Maloyed, Brad Reno and Shannon Mullins are facing charges for pulling off an intended shocking pranks to their friend by stealing doughnuts in Henry County, New Castle.

Every morning drivers for Jack's Donuts in New Castle roll up to local stores to drop off their doughnuts. If the store isn't open, they just leave them outside. But lately, police say before stores could get around to opening, the three men steals the dropped donuts from three stores several times.

The theft disappointed customers and left store owners like Eric Counsellar in a hole. Counsellar sat in his car and watched the store for several mornings until a theft went down. Counsellar called 911 as he followed the stolen doughnuts and police arrested the suspects.

The men were just bored and that they wanted to play a stupid stuff pranks ideas on a friend who worked at the doughnut shop. They didn't mean to get in no trouble. According to a friend of the two of the suspects. But the doughnut store owner doesn't think the prank was very funny.


Britney Spears' conservatorship may end in November

britney spears | death prank controversyIt's been nine months since Britney Spears was part of the headlines and other negative output of media. Funny thing is the last time she had a buzz was about a stupid stuff of her faked announced death.

The pop star had managed to stay out of trouble and largely out of the headlines for quite awhile. According to TMZ report, Britney's father Jamie Spears is asking a judge to review the terms of her conservatorship in November. If the judge decides Brit's been a good girl, she'll regain control of her personal and business affairs.

Jamie has been basically in charge of Britney's life since last Oct. 28. That came after a spate of high-profile bad behavior from the singer, most notably her bizarre self-haircut. That led to a short hospitalization and the judge's ruling.

Britney is currently in the midst of a world tour, the end of which would coincide with her father's request. She is one of the many celebrities being the subject of Twitter shocking pranks that broke out late in June that supposedly announced multiple fake deaths of many different celebrities.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prank report of abduction at Grand Canyon leads criminal charges

grand canyon abduction prank | stupid stuff pranks ideasThe Grand Canyon investigation about a reported abduction has ended after investigators found no one was kidnapped and considered that it could have been just another stupid stuff pranks ideas.

The National Park Service investigators said Monday that a vehicle had been driving through an apartment complex Wednesday when a person in the trunk opened it several times to try to startle a female friend. They say it was more likely that the action was interpreted as someone trying to escape, and it was reported to authorities.

Investigators responded by setting up check points, canvassing the area and establishing a tip line. A few days later, residents of the apartment complex told the investigators that they were the cause of the misinterpreted judgment that led to an abduction report to them, but didn't come forward for fear of getting in trouble. Investigators say criminal charges may be pending.


Twittering Ashton gives wife Demi a mohican prank

demi moore in mohican cut | funny stuffHollywood actor Ashton Kutcher, who became the first Twitterer to rack up one million followers back in April, started doing a funny stuff pranks ideas by posting a picture of Demi Moore's derriere on his Twitter page.

The 31-year-old Ashton has gone one step further by 'photoshopping' a Mohican haircut onto a snap of his wife. The snap was accompanied with the comment: "Wifey just got a new haircut, what do you guys think? I love it."

Cheeky Ashton stepped the conversation up a gear with a posting that read: "You could shave them somewhere other than your head…" but the wife actress quickly cooled the situation down by tweeting back: "Like my armpit?"

Ashton and mum-of-three Demi are Twitter's most high profile fans, and have huge numbers of followers on the site.


Teen's skunk prank goes bad led him to pull out a gun

dead skunk | stupid car prank ideasJack Lee Johnson, 19, was sentenced to three years probation for what started out as a stinky smelly pranks stunt. Though he said he was sincerely remorseful for his actions, but that wasn't enough to save him from punishment. His action involving threatening everyone with a shotgun went straight to a dumb car prank ideas gone wrong.

He thought that it would be funny to place a dead skunk on his 20-year-old sister's car while parked at a gas station. When her sister found out, the sister and one of her two friends threw the skunk back at his car. This got him extremely upset and whip out a 12.-gauge shotgun and pointed it at his sister and her two teenage friends.

The officers that responded took the matter seriously from the start. Everyone on the parking lot were ordered to face down on the ground until it could be determined whether anyone was carrying a firearm. Johnson was located, and the weapon was in his vehicle.

The defendant pleaded guilty to two counts of terrorist threats. As part of the plea agreement, the other charges were dismissed. Also conditions of probation required Johnson to complete an anger-management therapy, remain employed full time or in school and to have no contact with firearms during the three years of probation and also was fined for $385.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Frustrated Senior Prank

A group of senior high school students were caught in the act of doing a senior shocking pranks in San Diego, California.

Police said, the group was able to make a copy of the San Ysidro High School's master key, reason why they were able to get in the campus premises.

Students were in the act of stacking chairs and desks in the hallway, trying to shape in the numbers “09” symbolizing their graduating year, when suddenly their activity triggered the school's alarm company to call the police.

And before they completed the whole stupid stuff pranks ideas, police arrived making everything else dwindle. The authorities told that students who were 18 will be charged of trespassing and guys under 18 will only be apprehended for curfew violation.

Students were also ordered to return the furniture to their original location.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Internet prankster indicted for bomb threat charges internet prankster, Ashton Lundeby, and other unnamed co-conspirators are facing three-count indictment for allegedly allowing web gamers to pay fees to watch and witness how the police responded to bomb threats at Purdue University and other schools as part of their pranks online.

Lundeby, who went by the name Tyrone, and other conspirators would place calls to locations covered by webcams and then broadcast the video live to as many as 300 subscribers. According to authorities, because he used the Internet to make fake bomb threats to schools nationwide, including Indiana. The federal judge said, the teen would be charged as an adult.

The case had been sealed because Lundeby is a juvenile and will be arraigned Friday. He is still and currently being detained in St. Joseph County's Juvenile Justice Center since the FBI agents and local law enforcement arrested him at his home on March 5.

Annette Lundeby, his mother, maintains that her son was at church the night of Feb. 15 when several threats were called into Purdue University. She believes he was framed after he refused a stupid stuff pranks ideas to call in a bomb threat to a high school in Australia.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Borat's bro Brüno is fully sick

Brüno | funny prank movieSacha Baron Cohen employs this standard-issue of shocking pranks ideas tactic in Brüno his latest in-your-face, prank-based comedy adventure. In the film, his an outrageously gay Austrian fashion celebrity that travels across the US on a quest to find fame after being sacked from his TV show.

As with his previous smash-hit film, Borat, Cohen's real game is to sucker people into elaborate set-ups and outrage them, capturing their reactions on camera. Cohen's comedy is based on cruelty and embarrassment. He has no interest in observing human behaviour or in his victims sharing the joke afterwards. Cohen relies so heavily on deception to get people to sign releases demonstrates that he is untroubled by ethics.

Cohen set up 30 fake companies on the internet to trick people into participating in what they thought was a straight documentary. And while Brüno's stint as a misbehaving extra on the set of Medium is supposedly real, it's too obviously staged. It seems he will even stop to lying to his fans and search hard for his laughs.

The 83 minutes of Borat was culled from an astonishing 400 hours of footage. It's highly likely the 81 minutes of Brüno was distilled from a similar pool of raw video. Such an astronomical shooting ratio suggests that Cohen's laughs are due more to luck than any real skill.


Whizkid broker commit suicide over web prank

Anjool 'Jools' Malde | commit suicide over web prankAnjool 'Jools' Malde, an Oxford graduate and a stockbroker, leapt 80ft to his death after fearing that he would lose his job after playing an intended office humor and pranks at work.

Posing as one of his clients, he left a silly message that read: "I am hot, I am hot" on a financial website. Investigators think this was probably a reference to his client being on a successful investment run. Mr Malde's client, who works for Brevan Howard, a leading hedge fund management firm, did not see the funny side and made a formal complaint to the company which runs the discussion forum.

The resulting investigation suggested that Mr Malde had impersonated the client from his office computer at Deutsche Bank which prompted the bank's bosses to send Mr Malde home on Friday pending a full investigation.

Two days later, as he prepared to celebrate his 25th birthday, Mr Malde jumped from an eighth-floor restaurant near the Bank of England. Colleagues believe he was convinced he would lose his job.

Mr Malde was working long hours at the bank's London headquarters and was often at his desk by 6am. In recent times three of his colleagues had been let go by the bank and Jools seemed very worried he might be the next to leave one friend said.

Police have found no evidence that Mr Malde had downloaded any inappropriate material on his computer or was involved in any criminal behaviour. Yesterday his distraught parents released a statement in which they spoke of their 'devastation' after losing their only child.


Police search for Collinsville man charged in 2008 bulldozer prank

Nathan W. Bailey | bulldozer stunt prankNathan W. Bailey, a Collinsville man, who was accused of purposely parking a reported stolen bulldozer on the railroad tracks at Lebanon Road in the area behind the historic water tower near the Catsup Bottle in Collinsville causing a train from the CSX railroad to hit it in January 2008. Police called it a prank that wasn't funny and are now looking for him.

Though no one got injured in the collision and that the train was incapacitated for a while but did not derail. The criminal damage to property over $100,000 was charged on him in connection to this stupid stuff and pranks ideas bulldozer stunt.

"The Collinsville Police Department continued to follow up on leads and was able to gather enough evidence to charge Bailey," Collinsville Det. Eric Herman stated in a news release. Bailey was charged July 1 with the felony. He is not in custody and police continue to search for him. His bail is set at $200,000.


Soldiers fined for drunken prank

Soldiers fined for drunken prankCorporal Paul Kingswood, Lance Corporal Mark Foster and Lance Corporal Matthew Stenton who were serving with a cavalry regiment based in Germany injured an officer after a party at their barracks as part of their drunken stupid stuff and funny pranks ideas. They tied him up, ripped off his boxer shorts and carried him naked from his bedroom which caused him to suffer carpet burns to his torso, elbow and knee.

The three defendants were invited by a captain to continue drinking in the officers mess. The captain, who was second in command in the squadron, took the defendants to the complainants room and left them while he went to find another officer. It was then that the incident took place.

The prosecuting officer, Lieutenant Colonel David Frend, said a large amount of alcohol had been consumed by both officers and soldiers during a barbecue at the barracks. The court heard the incident happened on May 22 last year just three days after the regiment returned from Iraq. The three soldiers pleaded guilty to conduct to the prejudice of good order and military discipline at a court martial at Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. Kingswood, 25, was fined £1,000, while Foster, 24, and Stenton, 22, were fined £700 each.

"This may have seemed funny to you in drink, but didn't seem funny to the victim. By then, this ceased to be a prank, it had become a nasty incident. It was a nasty incident in which he suffered nasty carpet burns. It showed a lack of respect to an officer, to behave in this way undermines discipline and respect for the British Army." Assistant Judge Advocate General Paul Camp said.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hotel prank call triggers flood

Hotel prank call triggers floodA San Luis Obispo hotel, The Comfort Inn & Suites Lamplighter hotel, suffered more than $20,000 in damage after falling victim to yet another stupid stuff pranks ideas earlier this month that caused it to flood. This adds another one on the growing list to be targeted across the nation by similar prank calls that result in extensive damage.

At 2:00 a.m. on June 5, the night auditor who was managing the desk had received a call from a stranger impersonating a fireman. When the night auditor requested to speak to his supervisors before taking action, the caller insisted he had little time before the flood would occur. Pressured, the employee followed the caller’s instructions to step on a chair and tap the closest fire sprinkler.

15 minutes later, Sunil Patel, a lamplighter general manager and part-owner, received a call about the flooded hotel which is located on upper Monterey Street. Monterey Street was closed and fire trucks were parked outside. The lobby, front desk area and breakfast room were flooded and water was streaming out the front and back doors. The sprinklers activated had soaked the lobby’s computers, fax machines and printers. Approximately 50 guests evacuated when the fire alarm triggered and police arrived.

Four other hotels within the Choice Hotels chain in Southern California received similar prank calls the same day. Since then, hotels in other states have also been targeted. To avoid such vandalism, business people should use caution when dealing with callers. The prank caller may be charged with a misdemeanor for tampering with fire protection or alarm equipment if identified.


Shaker Heights HS yearbook cover contains hidden F-word

Shaker Heights High School yearbook coverShaker Heights High School yearbook cover this year is drawn by an artistically gifted student with a creative interpretation of a crowd of "Red Raider" mascots. But to the surprise of the administrators, they discovered a hidden farewell message containing the F-word in the artwork sprawled across yearbook’s front cover.

A letter was written last week by Principal Michael Griffith to students and their families explaining that distribution of the yearbook had been suspended because "an obscenity was cleverly concealed in the cover artwork." The school needed first to fix the yet-to-be-distributed yearbooks and also offered to fix any books that had already been distributed, though it's hard to imagine anyone would have noticed the offending word without someone pointing it out.

The note also contained an apology from the student artist who said, "I cannot begin to explain the miserable feeling I brought upon myself, when I betrayed the trust of all of you, I apologize for offending anyone and everyone. It is unfortunate that I did not recognize the big responsibility and honor given to me when asked to design the cover of the Shaker Heights yearbook. I offer my sincere apologies.”

The sincere apology worked. At the Shaker graduation ceremony Thursday, the student artist received the loudest, most sustained applause of any fellow student as he accepted his diploma. It seems that yearbooks won’t hear the end of hidden obscenities, sexually-themed shocking pranks this year.


Gig Harbor High School seniors accused of tagging vehicles

Gig Harbor HS senior car prank Since it was the first day of school without the 2009 class, juniors of Gig Harbor HS rolled into school Thursday with self-administered window paint reading “2010” as their graduating year identification. But by the time they got out of class, “2010” had been crossed out with window paint and replaced by “2009” along with vulgar words and symbols.

Students said they saw members of the senior class pulled off car pranks by tagging cars about 11:30 a.m. Seniors were on campus for a brief period for their graduation practice. Though the paint came off with each swipe of a finger or a shirt some juniors called the tagging immature, others just laughed and talked about going to the car wash.

Gage Young, a GHHS junior, found his SUV tagged with vulgar slang and phallic symbols, but he laughed it off. Young said because of his involvement in a similar prank aimed at graduating seniors his vehicle likely was tagged more aggressively. He said this sort of tagging is an annual event between the juniors and seniors.

Although pranks were being taken lightly by Gig Harbor High students, the school’s administration is having a hard time against end-of-the-year antics. Greg Schellenberg, an Outgoing GHHS Principal, expressed frustration over the incident. The school plans to review security cameras in the parking lot and will not rule out individual punishment.


Howie do it TV prank show

Howie does it - prank showThe Canadian funnyman, Howie Mandel is back with a new television show called "Howie Do It", a Candid Camera meets Punk’d kind of T.V. show except that no one is famous and everyone is fooled.

The show also has the same concept like with the late night shows, it has live audience going crazy to the energetic music courtesy of the show’s live band. Mandel takes on a double role on the show. Mainly being the host and secondly being part of the crew where he wears costumes and props gag to prank unsuspecting “victims” where he’s an absolute genius at it.

The funny pranks ideas may be a tad juvenile but the reactions they incite are absolutely classic. Its amazing how the audience responds to Mandel, his light banter with the audience keeps things fresh. It seems as if Mandel has hit the jackpot again with another sure-win television show and hopefully as long as Mandel can keep delivering fresh and entertaining tricks it’ll stay on air for a long time.


Corona del Mar HS senior prank may lead to suspensions or expulsion

Corona del Mar HS logo | senior prank20 Corona del Mar High School senior class students pulled off an intended hilarious Jokes and funny pranks that caused nearly $8,000 worth of damage and could lead to a number of suspensions or expulsions.

The students dumped bleachers and soccer goals into the swimming pool, spray-painted the school walls and doors with some benign and some profane expressions, glued pennies to locks and covered trees with toilet paper last week according to school administrators.

District spokeswoman Laura Boss said the spray paint had to be cleaned or painted over, some locks were broken, and maintenance workers had to fish the goals and bleachers out of the swimming pool. The district hopes to have the campus back to normal before graduation Thursday noting much of the damage has already been repaired.

The 2009 prank’s reception has not been nearly as warm, especially given the recent cuts and the state’s threatened trims to educational funding. School officials believe they have caught all of the kids involved in this year’s prank, and the incident is being investigated before disciplinary action is taken, according to Boss.