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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Six people cited for injuring fishing line prank victim

matt sevy | fishing line prank vicitmMatt Sevy, a victim of a stupid stuff pranks ideas, was nearly decapitated after a group of people leaving near-by had set-up a fishing line on the trees across 2nd Street of Monroe Boulevard. He had just finished playing card games with his friends and was on his way home riding his motorcycle when he ran through it.

Sevy's friend, who was riding just behind him, was confronted by a man in dark clothes whom he saw was hiding in the trees after the incident. Sevy called the police and showed the gash scar on his throat that he received from the fishing line that was pulled so tight from the trees. By the time they arrived five other friends had come out of the house across the street

The people involved told police that the prank was not originally planned that way and a sheet was supposed to be placed on the fishing line so it would look like a ghost. They thought of it as great idea prank to scare people away and not to drive across the set-up fishing lines.

Citations for reckless endangerment were issued to the number of people living nearby by Ogden Police,a small price to pay for a stupid stuff pranks ideas in Sevy's eyes. Since the incident, Sevy's done research online and says the prank is more common than you think.


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