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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prank report of abduction at Grand Canyon leads criminal charges

grand canyon abduction prank | stupid stuff pranks ideasThe Grand Canyon investigation about a reported abduction has ended after investigators found no one was kidnapped and considered that it could have been just another stupid stuff pranks ideas.

The National Park Service investigators said Monday that a vehicle had been driving through an apartment complex Wednesday when a person in the trunk opened it several times to try to startle a female friend. They say it was more likely that the action was interpreted as someone trying to escape, and it was reported to authorities.

Investigators responded by setting up check points, canvassing the area and establishing a tip line. A few days later, residents of the apartment complex told the investigators that they were the cause of the misinterpreted judgment that led to an abduction report to them, but didn't come forward for fear of getting in trouble. Investigators say criminal charges may be pending.



dancilhoney said...

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