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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Corona del Mar HS senior prank may lead to suspensions or expulsion

Corona del Mar HS logo | senior prank20 Corona del Mar High School senior class students pulled off an intended hilarious Jokes and funny pranks that caused nearly $8,000 worth of damage and could lead to a number of suspensions or expulsions.

The students dumped bleachers and soccer goals into the swimming pool, spray-painted the school walls and doors with some benign and some profane expressions, glued pennies to locks and covered trees with toilet paper last week according to school administrators.

District spokeswoman Laura Boss said the spray paint had to be cleaned or painted over, some locks were broken, and maintenance workers had to fish the goals and bleachers out of the swimming pool. The district hopes to have the campus back to normal before graduation Thursday noting much of the damage has already been repaired.

The 2009 prank’s reception has not been nearly as warm, especially given the recent cuts and the state’s threatened trims to educational funding. School officials believe they have caught all of the kids involved in this year’s prank, and the incident is being investigated before disciplinary action is taken, according to Boss.



Anonymous said...

Best CdM pranks I've heard:

- Loading cows up a ramp to the roof of the school (apparently cows will go up, but not down a ramp)

- Stole the Whale Slide from the Back Bay and placed it into the quad on a mound of beach sand.

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