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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Gig Harbor High School seniors accused of tagging vehicles

Gig Harbor HS senior car prank Since it was the first day of school without the 2009 class, juniors of Gig Harbor HS rolled into school Thursday with self-administered window paint reading “2010” as their graduating year identification. But by the time they got out of class, “2010” had been crossed out with window paint and replaced by “2009” along with vulgar words and symbols.

Students said they saw members of the senior class pulled off car pranks by tagging cars about 11:30 a.m. Seniors were on campus for a brief period for their graduation practice. Though the paint came off with each swipe of a finger or a shirt some juniors called the tagging immature, others just laughed and talked about going to the car wash.

Gage Young, a GHHS junior, found his SUV tagged with vulgar slang and phallic symbols, but he laughed it off. Young said because of his involvement in a similar prank aimed at graduating seniors his vehicle likely was tagged more aggressively. He said this sort of tagging is an annual event between the juniors and seniors.

Although pranks were being taken lightly by Gig Harbor High students, the school’s administration is having a hard time against end-of-the-year antics. Greg Schellenberg, an Outgoing GHHS Principal, expressed frustration over the incident. The school plans to review security cameras in the parking lot and will not rule out individual punishment.



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