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Thursday, September 17, 2009

AHS students face discipline for prank racist remarks

kkk stupid stuff pranks ideasA number of Anderson High students face discipline for a racial incident. The episode unfolded in the AHS parking lot as students were leaving school Thursday. A couple of students made inappropriate remarks of intentional inflammatory racial remarks shouting “white power”. At least one of them covered his head with a sheet fashioned like a Ku Klux Klan hood according to the Anderson Community Schools officials.

Based from the information received by school officials investigating the incident, the actions appeared to have resulted from a student dare. Some students knew that the racially charged incident was planned, though it’s unclear how many was involved. Anderson High School principal Pat Fassnacht said school officials have been contacting parents of students who were involved or who might have provoked the incident. He said a number of parents have been notified, though he declined to say how many.

On Friday morning, AHS increased police presence and metal detectors at the entrance. Reaction of the other Anderson students were credited by the principal since they took the incident as more of surprise and disbelief rather than get angry with the tightened security. The silly stupid stuff pranks ideas that turned into a serious prank will result in punishment ranging from suspension to possible expulsion according to ACS interim Superintendent Lennon Brown.



Hanz said...

The US is known for its racism, but The South is historically known for its racism. This is not a joke and NOT FUNNY! Westlake is also racist school that is unrestrained by its coaches, faculty, and administrators.

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