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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Surprisingly sad Sandler sells

funny people movie | hilarious jokesDirector Judd Apatow seems to have found the necessary ingredients in order to have a successful film. His latest “Funny People” is more dramatic than Apatow’s previous movies. The movie even included a 20-year-old video footage of Adam Sandler making shocking pranks call when the two briefly lived together.

“Funny People” is a meeting of both worlds. George Simmons played by Adam Sandler is one of the biggest comedic stars in Hollywood and lives in a mansion on the beach, but he is alone, unhappy and dying. When George performs a last-minute stand-up gig, he meets Ira played by Seth Rogen, a comedic work-in-progress who has the balls to clown on the superstar.

George initially hires Ira to write jokes for him, but Ira soon becomes a confidant paid to hear George’s problems and talk him to sleep. Through their relationship, we see every side of George: a hopeless romantic who sleeps with random women, a jerk who gives the appearance of a nice guy but constantly belittles Ira, a phony trying to find meaning in his finite life.

For its comedic value, “Funny People” ambitiously tries to balance serious personal issues with raunchy laughs, which may seem like much, but the film would not work focusing on one or the other. Apatow understands that life is a bitch, but nothing cures the blues like a good anal hilarious jokes.



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