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Monday, August 17, 2009

PGA 2002 champ Rich Beem pulls a car prank

Rich Beem | harmless car prankMost interesting story on Tuesday at the PGA goes to the prank tale told by Rich Beem, 2002 PGA champion at Hazeltine. After Beem won the championship, Hazeltine made him an honorary member. A year after, Beem and friends at El Paso Country Club played home-and-home matches against several Hazeltine members.

During the match in Texas, Beem played a funny stuff practical jokes on a Hazeltine member he knows only as "Virgil". The one of the few harmless car pranks began after Virgil and a friend parked their car in front of Beem's house. Knowing Virgil left the keys in the car, Beem arranged for a neighbor to take the car and park it down the street in a garage.

When Virgil mentioned he left the keys in the car, Beem let loose. "Are you stupid? Dude, your car's halfway to Mexico right now. I'm sorry, but it's in a chop shop. You've got no car." Virgil looked outside. No car.

"He friggin' lost it," Beem said, laughing. "He thought his car was in the middle of Mexico in a chop shop. He was panicking. I made him sweat for half an hour and I said, 'Dude, it's across the street in my buddy's garage.' It was pretty funny."



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