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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Intent of phone pranks is to embarrass and humiliate

phone pranks ideasAn 18-year-old East Texas teenager is being accused of criminal mischief due to a stupid stuff pranks ideas and also speculated as a member of a notorious online group, whose members orchestrate and carry out malicious and destructive shocking pranks, then brag about what they've done.

A web site that specializes in uncovering misdeeds and wrongdoings using public records,, claims to have evidence that proves he was the person who convinced an employee of an Arby's in Baytown that caused nearly $4,600 in damage to the restaurant. The editor and founder of TSG, Bill Bastone, said he would stake his reputation that he's tracked down and identified the right man, still it's nothing but speculation.

The Lufkin police consider the accused teen as a "person of interest" in their investigation of a recent similar "prank" at a McDonald's restaurant, the man has yet to be charged with any crime. The phone prank in Lufkin resulted in the firing of an employee. We would hope that an employer would understand that the employee had been just as cruelly abused as their property.

The intent was not just to destroy property, but to embarrass and humiliate that could take years, if not a lifetime, to overcome. While it's difficult to imagine how anyone derives pleasure from causing another person pain, it's even more difficult to comprehend how anyone could perpetuate such an act and then boast about it. We hope Lufkin police will soon be able to track down the individual who deserves the credit.



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