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Monday, August 17, 2009

Mila Kunis gets sick of the Ashton Kutcher questions

mila kunis | that 70's showMila Kunis, now 25, got shot to fame playing as Ashton Kutcher's girlfriend "Jackie" on the hit TV series "That '70s Show". At the time of the audition for the role, all people auditioning were required to be at least 18 years old. So Kunis who was actually 14 at that time, told the casting staff that she was going to be 18 "one her birthday".

She was able to continue in the role despite having misled the directors. Despite her age, she had been considered the best fit for the character and was thought to have been creative in her way of gaining the audition. She has been nominated seven times for a Teen Choice Award for playing that role, but sadly never won.

The show got wrapped up in 2006. Since then, she hasn't worked in years with Ashton, the well known actor that loves to pull off hilarious jokes and pranks ideas to anyone. Though its been a long time since she played "Jackie", she admits that she still regularly has to answer questions about the actor. She just winces whenever an interviewer asks her about her former "That '70s Show" co-star Ashton Kutcher.

She says, "Yesterday, a woman asked me, 'So! Was Ashton a prankster on set?' I went, 'Oh my God. For real?' That's when I know the interview's going sour when they ask me what it was like kissing the known prankster and famous actor, Kutcher. She point out that the show's been off the air for four years now and it's just no longer cute or funny stuff to talk about anymore.


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