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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Having Fun with your Kids on Halloween Trick or Treat

halloween pumpkin pranks ideasHalloween is coming, people feels the need to buy Halloween tricks, gag gifts and prank ideas. Kids are excited and ready to scare the hell out of their neighbors or get a treat instead. The older ones are thinking if they can still join the fun, more than just giving treats to little boys and girls. Definitely, Halloween would be nothing if there are no Halloween pranks and tricks. The very day is more frightening when nothing is making you busy, when you are boxed inside your house doing nothing.

Aside from April Fool's Day, Halloween night is the best time to play pranks on your kids, the perfect time to bond with your family. Indulge all the member in a horror movie marathon and give a consequence to those who got frightened by the film. You can also take them to a ghost tour or a home costume party.

When the streets are dark, you can hide behind the trees, and surprise them with the Halloween tricks that you prepared. Of all the people, they won't be expecting their own parents playing a prank on them. You can play dead to scare the hell out of them. And you can also pretend like a trespasser looting your own home. The children will be out for hours to play trick or treat in the neighborhood. Before you go out to watch them, you can plant your own funny pranks ideas inside the house, and make it work once you all arrive.

Act as if you are of their age. Loosen yourself from your childhood frustrations and giggle and stumble like you are only a grade school kid. Do things that he/she never thought you would do. Wear scary costumes. Dress like a scare crow or imitate some characters on your favorite horror movie. Buy glow in the dark Dracula fangs and stand from a dark corner. Call their names with a voice like Frankensteins' or other monsters. They will be startled by that prank even if they know that its a prank holiday. If you prefer just cooking in the kitchen, put a twist on your common Halloween dish, garnish them with spider or worm shape vegetables to make the food more chic.

Halloween day will be very fun if it is spend with your family. And there is more fun if the kids stayed safe until they are lying on the bed. While they are doing their trick or treat activity, you should stand by them to prevent accidents. We'll never know, there could be persons that intends to hurt or poison kids. Let them be visible on dark areas by putting glow in the dark tapes or necklace on their black costumes. Even better provide them with a flashlight to prevent them from getting tripped or being ran over by vehicles. Watch your kids and make them stay safe, failing to do so is the most horrible trick.


Anonymous said...

Some people come up with the weirdest of pranks... and at times they overdo it ... me think..

Here are some flashcards
to spread the Halloween joy!

A Joke a Day said...

It was a lot of fun when was a kid.

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