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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rocks rain down at I-90 for the second time

rocks thrown at car prankThe Washington State Patrol said three vehicles were hit with rocks from an overpass on westbound Interstate 90 as they were heading toward southbound Interstate 5 at about 3:45 a.m Friday. One of the vehicles hit was a United States Postal Service semi truck. The windshield was shattered by a grapefruit-sized rock, spraying glass inside the cab. The uninjured driver was able to drive the truck off the freeway and was towed.

Police said the rock could have killed the driver if it would have gone all the way through the windshield About the same time, Irwin Buenaventura was driving home from work in the same area when he heard something hit his car. He thought he'd run over something, until he got home and saw the damage, a rock hit the front of Buenaventura's car, scraping and denting the hood.

“I heard something on the hood and I thought it was kind of scary, It almost hit my windshield. If it hit the windshield, I don't know what's going to happen to me,” said Irwin Buenaventura.

A third car was also hit. Though all the drivers were shaken by the experience, no one was injured. Authorities don't know where the rocks were coming from, but they speculate someone threw them from an overpass. It could have been a totally unheard of, if this was to be considered as a funny pranks ideas. Troopers said throwing rocks from an overpass is a criminal offense.

State troopers are investigating, but said it’s unlikely they'll be able to figure out who's responsible. However, troopers are keeping a closer eye on overpasses and bridges. This incident is the second in which rocks were thrown from an overpass onto cars this week.



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