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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Solid skimble-skamble skit for sick children

Chaser skit about sick childrenLast night after a week of outrage, ABC finally announced that it had demoted the senior manager who approved "Chaser skit about sick children" going to air. The Chaser lads were brainstorming potential skits when the unfathomable idea of ridiculing the last wishes of dying children floated and eventually was not dismissed immediately.

The first basis of a comedic value is whether it could make people laugh. You don’t need to have children to realize that there are unlikely to be any circumstances where making a mockery of sick children would be considered funny.

The satirical TV show was evidently suspended by ABC for two weeks which is good because it provided an opportunity to review why no red flag was raised before it screened.

On Monday night, the ABC’s Media Watch confirmed that the head of arts, entertainment and comedy at ABC television, Amanda Duthie, was the person who saw and approved it before it aired. She accepted responsibility for the decision to air the piece.

Hopefully this saga will make the Chaser lads reflect on the relevance of their work and what they are trying to achieve through it. Their intended funny pranks and stupid stuff stunts should stick to beating up more worthy targets people who are prominent in public life, including politicians and celebrities.



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