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Monday, June 8, 2009

Remote control fart machine review

Remote Control Fart MachineThis remote control fart machine could be a funny office humor gag gifts idea that is worth hours of laughter and practical jokes. Play a trick on a co-worker or better yet, to your boss. Or give to a brother-in-law as a gag gift compliment.

This Brand New Remote Control Fart Machine has “BoomBox” Technology, which allows more vibrant, natural sounding Farts! Embarrass your boss, friends, and family! Press the button on the remote control and set off one of 15 different fart sounds!

Take it to a movie house and put under someone's seat. Use it at work or school and hide this under a chair or behind a desk and take the remote control with you. The remote control has a long range (100 ft!), so you will be far out of sight and clearly will be on stealth status.

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