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Sunday, June 14, 2009

The ghost of senior pranks gone wrong

Old Rochester Regional High School Principal senior prankBruce Clarke, Old Rochester Regional High School Principal, has enjoyed his tenure at ORR and savoring the last few days before he retires late May of 2007. He is looking forward for delivering his last commencement speech. But about a week before graduation five or six boys, several of them among the school’s top athletes who’d never gotten into any trouble to speak of, thought it would be funny to leave their imprint, via spray paint can, on the back of their shiny, new $49 million school complex.

The pranksters used what ever artistic and poetic skills they possessed and proceeded to spray unkind words about their principal as well as some drawings of male anatomy to accompany their words on the back side of the school building. Thinking that they are under cover in the dark, they were unaware that their identities were being picked up by the surveillance cameras placed around their modern school, recording their deeds and every stupid stuff move they're doing.

They, and unfortunately their respective families, were about to be Punk’d. None of those boys was allowed to attend there high school graduation, which was pain likely felt by the families, as well. The boys also had to clean all their graffiti off a brick wall, which is no easy task. There was likely more involved with the punishment end of it, but school administrators and local police closed ranks to further protect the boys from their foolish misdeeds.

The following year at ORR High, some cleaver kid found out how to access the school’s public announcement system remotely and started to make various announcements from different locations within the school as an end-of-the-year prank.

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