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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Funny pranks ideas on pc

computer jokesThe simplicity is the real secret of successful pranking. Funny pranks should be quick to implement and even quicker to reverse, especially if you’re working for a company that doesn’t look kindly on time wasting.

Pranks that take an age to set up usually aren’t worth it. So, while it’s possible to grow grass in someone’s keyboard or go crazy with the toolbar buttons in Office 97, that’s an awful lot of effort for relatively little reward.

Keyboard Swap

The example on how to pull-off an office humor and pranks is to unplug your co-workers' mouse or keyboard from their CPU and plug-in your own to have complete control over the computer without him/her ever knowing. So now, whenever they move the mouse or type something. So do you..but of course it’s your input that controls what happens on-screen.

Add a wireless adaptor

Wireless mice are full of pranks potential. Install a wireless mouse adaptor on your target victim’s computer when nobody’s looking. Leaving their existing mouse connected. Windows can and would accept input from both devices, so wait until your victim’s doing something and then send their mouse pointer on an adventure.

Take (remote) control

Remote access software such as TightVNC enables you to control one PC from another. If installed on target victim's machine, you can take control of their PC from anywhere with an internet connection.

Edit AutoCorrect

Automatic text correction is a godsend text and it isn’t long before people start to rely on it. A few well- chosen edits of the AutoCorrect and AutoText options in Word can cause chaos. Either by turning correctly spelled words into typos or by triggering unwanted and inappropriate text whenever the user tries to type something.

Tape up the mouse

Today’s mice tend to be optical rather than mechanical. Placing a bit of tape will screw up its modern rodent’s sensor just as efficiently.

Make the mouse sleepy

Changing the mouse speed to its slowest setting turns even the simplest movement into an ordeal, while swapping the left and right buttons or reprogramming extra buttons can make the most Ghandi-esque gentle soul want to scream like a wounded gorilla.

Freeze the desktop

This trick is as old as computers themselves, but people still fall for it hook. All you need to do is take a screenshot of your victim’s desktop, hide all of their icons and then replace their wallpaper with the screenshot.



FreakSmack said...

Great Ideas! I took the cover off a coworkers tower one morning and put raw shrimp tails in a baggie and taped it to the inside of the cover leaving the baggie unzipped. It took 2 days but once the smell hit he couldn't even sit in his office. He had cleaning people in there, they sprayed sprays, nothing worked, by the second week the smell spread around the building. They brought in a dog to smell for dead rodents and it hit the tower. When they took the cover off one of the guys puked! I was rolling on the floor in my office. I don't think he ever found out who did it as there has yet to be retaliation. Thank God

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