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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Snob celebrities prank ideas

celebrity snobWe all have our personal favorite celebrities, some may be involved in the showbiz industry, sports industry, music industry, politics and etc. We all patronize them on their work and contribution. As a fan there's always a factor why we become attach or attracted to a celebrity. Most of the time its because of admiration to their physical charismatic appearance. But there are also some fans who admire because mainly on pure talent alone. Sometimes both.

We always hear the stereotype reactions of celebrities giving back their gratitude to their fans, by acknowledging them publicly during interviews, press conference, and etc. Showing up on autograph sessions, volunteering on some charity work or giving out big paycheck for donations.

Some of them are really sincere and reaches out to their fans. They share their blessings to the needy people. But there are also some celebrities who doesn't know how to show or return the favor when fans approach them during their off-career days.

So it made me wonder how we can give them a wake up call. What if we asked for an autograph and we let the celebrity use a exploding cap pen ? That would at least get us even to those nasty celebrity snobs, don't you think?

I know it's sound more of a vendetta towards their snob actions. But it's just a little way of showing that you are who you are because of the fans. Anyways it's just one of my stupid stuff ideas to get even with them. Will justice be served? I don't know. You tell me.

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Anonymous said...

I say record them being rude (using a hidden camera) then hand them something to get back at those celebs. The nice ones I say record them too, but and put the video up as a kudos and thank you to them!

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