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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

City parks department raises fine to dog poop

dog dirtAll dog lovers wants to spent time with their man's best friend every now and then. Most of us stroll our mutt at the city parks and other public places.
We love to show our pets the freedom of being able to go out in the public and enjoy the city grounds especially the city parks, where it seemed dog owner's chill out spot with their pet dogs.

But we all know there are risks we take when we let our lovely pets outside. Even though we shower them unconditional love, they're still animals that have no control or whatsoever to their natural being like taking a dump anywhere they feel like doing when it's coming. Especially in public places where they consider it a huge toilet place.

The Parks Department had just given dog owners $150 more reasons to pick up dog dirt. They've just officially raised its pooper-scooper fine to $250, from the current $100. To think of the fine hike during these economic crisis that's hitting us badly, it sounded more like one of the city council's hilarious jokes. Nevertheless, pet owners now should think twice of strolling their dogs on public parks from now on.

Though its noteffective until June according to Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe which was approved by the City Council during the budget hearing this Tuesday. The higher fine will bring parks up to the same $250 fine that the Sanitation Department began imposing in November for doggy-doo violations on the streets.

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