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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sexy Love Meter Funny Shaking Game for iPhone

funny prank gifts and hilarious jokes | sexy love meter iPhone appSexy Love Meter Funny Shaking Game is a new release application game for the Apple iPhone and if you love valentines, romance, funny tees pranks and practical jokes, we know you will love this awesome game.

One of the sexiest and funniest ever branded game to date that you can play with your friends, this game will allow you to test out your love and of course sex appeal with this love meter, it uses a very funny way of measuring.

If you ever catch a group of hot women at the bar, mall, or out on a dinner date and are looking for a fun drinking game, mad celebration game, sleepover party game, sync with some music game, or I'm bored game stop right in your tracks and turn on the love meter and the girls while you're at it too.

Just shake the iPhone to increase the love baby, the faster you shake the much bigger the dump of love energy you’ll fill your sexy love meter up with and feel your iPhone vibrate in your hand.

This application is also a perfect ice breaker and get ideas for pick-up lines. Perfect for sizzling up the mood and excitement to an all out party with your friends.

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