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Monday, October 26, 2009

Jet's Sanchez psyched to face former USC roommate

mark sanchez | college pranks ideasThe Jets' starting quarterback rookie Mark Sanchez, the fifth overall pick of this year's NFL draft, is very excited and can't wait for the 2009 NFL season to officially begin. He is about to get a true educational experience since the defensive schemes and the speed of the game would ramped up more than just a notch compared to the preseason games on Sunday when they face the Houston Texans in Texas.

Sanchez first NFL game would give him captivating flashbacks, facing a fellow rookie and former USC college teammate, Brian Cushing, the Texans' strong side linebacker. Both rookies were roommates for about 21/2 years at Southern California. They grew pretty close and had their share of college yucks, pulling the kind of shocking pranks that stay in the memory banks forever.

According to Sanchez, Brian Cushing always had something going on in the house or something funny to say about practice or class. He used to have a snake in their apartment and when people would come over and fall asleep at their house. They would put the snake on their guests to see how scared they got which they taught was a pretty funny pranks idea.

At USC, Sanchez and Cushing saw players constantly come and go, and they were two of the mainstays, considered the vocal leaders of the offense and defense. When players needed a pep talk, they didn't mind firing their teammates up. Although the two have had hundreds of laughs together, there won't be anything comical if Cushing comes flying around the end and plants Sanchez on his backside. If that does happen, it's a sure bet that Cushing will do a little trash talking.

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